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If you don't find a flavour, please contact us, we have reciepts of more than 500 flavours, we will produce a flavour for you. (Takes up to 2-4 weeks)

Aroma Baked Plum
Aroma Barbados Grapefruit
Aroma Canadian Cranberry
Aroma Creamy Dragonfruit
Aroma Exotical Pinapple
Aroma Forest Blackberry
Aroma Forest blueberry
Aroma Fresh Cucumber
Aroma Green Lime
Aroma Juicy Honeymelon

Aroma Juicy Honeymelon

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Aroma Juicy lytchee
Aroma Juicy pear
Aroma Maracuja

Aroma Maracuja


Aroma Paradise Coconut
Aroma Red Apple

Aroma Red Apple


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